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The Transcript and Records Office offers services to graduates of Egerton University in issuance and certification of certificates and transcripts. It also confirms documents for purposes of verification and deals with students’ records.

The quality objectives are:

  1. To verify printed certificates before being taken for sealing within one (1) day.
  2. To issue certificates to students who have graduated within thirty (30) minutes after the request has been made and the requirements met.
  3. To print and issue final transcripts to graduated students upon request within thirty (30) minutes.
  4. To forward certificate correction requests to the Office of R (AA) for approval withinone (1) day.
  5. To certify academic certificates and transcripts upon confirmation that the student graduated by referring to the graduation booklet or the student file within fifteen (15) minutes.


Admissions Staff

  1. Ms. Linet Cheraisi
  2. Ms. Celestine Rono
  3. Ms. Gladyce Opisa
  4. Mr. Hudson Kiti
  5. Ms. Gellan Lokorito
  6. Ms. Khadijah Maina
  7. Ms. Monicah Kijusa

Transcripts and Records Staff

  1. Ms. Lucy Kareri
  2. Mr. Collins Asava
  3. Mr. Pius Kinyua
  4. Ms. Claire Abuga
  5. Mr. Tom Mikhwana.
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