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Admission Office is a service provider to students, public and industry.

The quality objectives are:

  1. To prepare and post letters online for Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) students within 1 (one) week of receipt of the compact    disk from KUCCPS and 1 (one) month before reporting date.
    • To prepare and post admission letters online for self-sponsored students 1 (one) week  upon receipt of the approved applications forms from the     respective faculties.          
  2. To facilitate students’ registration within the first 2 (two) weeks of the semester.
  3. To facilitate interfaculty transfer for KUCCPS students within 2 (two) weeks after orientation week.
  4. To prepare interfaculty transfer letters for the qualified students within 2 (two) weeks       after approval.
  5. To communicate to students in writing over issues raised, within 1(one) week of receipt of their letters.
  6. To communicate in writing to students about their status on request to defer studies within 1 (one) week of receipt of their deferment request.
  7. To send bulk sms’s to all SSP students acknowledging receipt of their application forms within 1 (one) week of receipt of their application forms.
  8. To give feedback to clients via email within 3 (three) days of receipt of their mails.

 Deputy Registrars Academic Affairs Office staff are:

  1. Prof. Mwanarusi Saidi
  2. Ms. Margaret Nyambinda
  3. Ms. Mary A. Oyoo
  4. Ms. Jane Kesses
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