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Front end i.e. for all Egerton University staff:

URL: -

Logins for front end-users:   

Username:  your Egerton University standard email                ----->  e.g. Password: Egerton                                 ----->   you will be prompted to change your password.

How it works…………

There are two ways to create a ticket i.e. through frontend and backend.

1. Frontend

User logins in and create a ticket, once it is created the ticket is automatically assigned to section head of the respective section depending on the issue being raised by the user. E.g. if it is a SAGE issue the ticket will automatically be assigned to the section head of Developers Section who will, in turn, reassign the ticket to his/her team as he/she wishes. Also, he/she can transfer the ticket to another section if he/she feels the ticket can be handled better in that section.  

2. Backend

ICT staff logins to the system through backend and create the ticket, he/she can assign the ticket to any staff or teams e.g. Njoro, Nakuru or Nairobi team.

This is just quick info about the system, there are much much more to explore e.g. reporting, interacting with tickets, etc. 

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