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Call for Abstracts, Papers, Posters and Exhibits


Egerton University’s Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project with support from the European Union and United Nations Development Programme under the Amkeni Wakenya project is co-creating the second National Legal Aid Conference aptly themed “Access to Justice in a Socio-Economic Crisis: Lessons from COVID 19 Pandemic” to be held in Nakuru County from 28th November to 4th December 2021.

This annual conference for stakeholders offers a platform to share experiences and mechanisms of addressing access to justice for the poor and marginalized during Covid19 pandemic in different contexts.  The conference is also poised to identify and document innovative strategies adopted by the justice actors during the pandemic to ensure continuity of access to justice services while also responding effectively to emerging challenges within these unprecedented times.

The Conference focuses on the following broad thematic areas:

  • Access to justice in criminal justice system during Covid19 Pandemic:
  • Access to justice and the health sector during Covid19 pandemic.
  • Access to justice in the digital age: Opportunities and challenges:
  • Gender justice in the wake up of Covid19 Pandemic:
  • Impact of Covid19 on access to justice for People with Disabilities
  • Human Rights Protection in context of Covid19 pandemic:
  • Recovery and Rebuilding the Economy Post Covid19 Pandemic with a human rights lens
  • ADR as Alternatives Justice Systems for Service Delivery in Crisis Situation
  • Impact of Covid19 in the Legal Education
  • Incentivizing Pro-Bono lawyers in Crisis Situation
  • Paralegals as key accelerators of access to justice




  • Academic Papers should be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Articles for Magazine 200 words
  • All submissions should be done online: Click here to Submit
  • Applicants should ensure that their papers are forward thinking and not merely exploring an issue without any depth of analysis.


  • Deadline for Abstract Submission: 22nd October, 2021
  • Deadline for Full Paper Submission: 15th November, 2021
  • Conference Dates: 28th November to 4th December, 2021


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