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Food security

Food security (10)

Papers preferred under this subtheme would be those discussing research outputs, innovations or transformative actions that inform opportunities and challenges in attaining the zero hunger goal targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal no. 2. These include Increasing Agricultural Productivity and Incomes, Sustainable Animal and Crop Production Systems; Sustainable Utilization of Genetic Diversity, Safe and Nutritious Foods; Malnutrition Interventions; Food Science and Technology; Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.

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Health, Science and Technology

Health, Science and Technology (8)

Papers preferred under this sub-theme would be those discussing research outputs, innovations or transformative actions on Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Modern Techniques and Tools; Cancer and Other Chronic and Emerging Diseases; Newer Clinical and Surgical Techniques; Modern and Advanced Laboratory Techniques and Diagnostic Tools; Food Nutrition in the Management of Various Diseases; Animal Model Laboratory Disease Research; One Health Issues; Drug Developments; Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Water and Sanitation; Global Pandemics; Health Management and Policy Issues. On Science and Technology, the papers should discuss new knowledge insights and applications from basic and applied sciences, engineering, computing, communication or information technologies that provide solutions to social and economic challenges to society, environment and economy.

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Education and Change

Education and Change (1)

Papers preferred under this subtheme would be those discussing research outputs innovations or transformative actions on Education and Capacity Development; Critical Thinking and Innovativeness in Education; Educational Reforms and Quality; Pedagogy and Quality in

Education; Teacher Education and Quality; Comparative Education;   ICT and Education.

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Geopolitics and Security

Geopolitics and Security (0)

The papers under this sub theme should be contemporary multidisciplinary research that address: dynamics of devolved governance structures, relations between national and devolved governments, corruption, securitization, radicalisation, dangers posed by terrorism, challenges associated with regional integration and grand infrastructure projects,state of civil society and the body politic today, civic freedom and jurisdiction, social and legal justice.

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Natural Resources & Climate Change

Natural Resources & Climate Change (2)

Papers preferred under this subtheme would be those discussing research outputs, innovations or transformative actions that Enhance Natural Resource-use Efficiency and Conservation to build Resilience; Management of Natural Resources and Tourism; Environmental Sustainability and Green Development; Disasters and Natural Hazards; Natural Resource Use Conflict Management; Climate Change and Variability and Energy Solutions and Innovations in Waste Management.

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History, Literature & Culture

History, Literature & Culture (0)

Papers preferred under this subtheme would be those discussing research outputs innovations or transformative actions on the following broad areas: Archive, History and Memory; Culture and History; Literature and History; History, Culture and Identity; The National History and Subalternity; Future of History; Interpreting the Past; Language and Literature; Language, Identity and Culture; Literature and Gender; Diasporic Literature; Literature and other Arts; Literature and Race; Nationalism and Transnationalism; Trans-culturalism; Models of National Integration; Translation Studies; Language and Media; Language and New Media; Orality, Tradition and memory; Narrative and Identity; Archival Policy; Reading the Colonial Archive; Travel Literature and Pluralism; Migration Politics and Pluralism; The Sacred and the Religious; Continuities and Discontinuities of Cultural Practices; Consumer Culture and Humanity.

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POSTER: This study hypothesized that use of genetic parameters from different studies to evaluate overall genetic and economic gains of livestock breeding programmes could over and under estimate response to selection. This is because genetic parameters are affected by data sample size, environmental conditions and evaluation models.

POSTER: Credit access is among key determinants to increase level of tea production and income of small scale-farmers in Rwanda and its demand has been increasing with the time. Accessed credit help farmers to meet costs of farm inputs such as fertilizers, seedlings and labour as well. Factors to access credit have been discussed in various studies, and despite the fact that credit seekers obtain credits only when they are eligible by complying with the requirements such as the interest rate to pay, tea farm size and collateral of the lending institutions.

POSTER: Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia) is one of the most important pest of wheat (Triticum aestivum) and other cereals worldwide. It has been reported to cause up to 95% yield loss when poorly controlled. Therefore, there is need to develop effective Russian Wheat Aphid (RWA) control methods to reduce wheat yield losses. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of variety and insecticide seed dress on RWA population and damage on wheat.

POSTER: Photovoltaics is a promising technology for energy sustainability, security, reliability and environmental safety. Organic solar cells (OSCs) including polymer solar cells (PSCs); have the advantage of light weight, flexibility and ease in processing. The performance of PSCs is limited by poor optical absorption, low carrier mobility and misalignment of the donor and acceptor energy levels.  The prototype PSCs consist of poly-3-hexylthiophene (P3HT) as the donor material and the fullerene, (6-6) phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) as the acceptor material. 

POSTER: Pain is a common manifestation of presence of disease or physical injury in humans. High levels of serotonin in the plasma has been associated with pain. This study aimed at determining the effect of Withania somnifera root extracts on serotonin levels in Suiz albino mice. 

POSTER: Polythenes are used in many spheres of human life such as packing of commodities, construction of green houses and ponds among other uses. When not properly disposed, they contaminate our environment since they are not easily biodegraded.

POSTER: Every harvest season, receives a lot of plant waste material that have a negative effect on the environment. The rate at which bacteria and fungi in the environment decompose these wastes is low. This study aimed to isolate actinomycetes from soils obtained from Egerton University and test the actinomycetes for the ability to decompose plant wastes materials.

POSTER: Diseases are the worst enemy to man currently. This study was aimed at isolating pathogenic bacteria from water obtained from shallow wells in Dundori Kenya. Also, the study aimed at testing the isolates for sensitivity to antibiotic metabolites previously extracted from Actinomycetes isolates from soils of Egerton University. Water samples were collected from shallow wells randomly selected from Dundori and abbreviated as A, B, C, D, and E. Bacterial pathogens were isolated from the water samples using the membrane filtration technique

POSTER: Multi-drug resistant pathogens are a leading cause of human morbidity and mortality all over the world. This study aimed at isolating actinomycetes from the soils of Menengai crater and characterizing selected actinomycetes using classical and molecular techniques. Actinomycetes were isolated using starch casein (SC), Luria Bertani (M1) and starch nitrate (SN) agar media. 

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