Wednesday, 18 November 2020 08:29

Place-Based STEM Education for the Agricultural Workforce

Written by J. Mukuni and G. Glasson
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J. Mukuni and G. Glasson

Virginia Tech School of Education

Corresponding Author:

The importance of place-based science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education cannot be over-emphasized, particularly in developing economies. It takes a strong presence of a knowledgeable and highly skilled workforce talented in STEM fields to drive the economy towards prosperity through economic growth and poverty alleviation, and it takes place-based STEM education to develop the agricultural-STEM workforce that the East African agribusinesses for sustainable development. This abstract has proposed the adoption of place-based STEM education, with due emphases on the notion of place and the signature pedagogy for STEM education. It is hoped that implementation of the proposal will facilitate the production of shakers and movers needed in East Africa’s agricultural workforce to drive the economy towards prosperity through economic growth, poverty alleviation, and sustainable development in the agricultural sectors of the East African region.


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