Venue & Arrival

The Egerton International Conference is held once or twice each year and hosted by Egerton University, Division of Research & Extension. The conference is attended by more than 500 people each year. We are excited to welcome you here!

Event Area

Faculty of Education Complex and Arc Hotel,
Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya

1 to 2
5 to 6.

1st and 2nd.

How to get to the event

Download the full brochure about the event. It includes a detailed map and description on how to get to the event and what transportation to use.

Date & Opening Hours

Grand Opening

24th of November. The best and the brightest are expecting you!


24 - 26 November 2020. Be prepared for everything!.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Wednesday: 10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. Thursday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Egerton Agricutural Resource Centre Hotel

Agricultural Resource Center - ARC Hotel is a 3-star Hotel facility Located within Egerton University, Main Campus, Njoro in a serene atmosphere surrounded by scenic attractions. It has 102 deluxe suites suitable for VIP accomodation with an olympic size swiming pool, gym, sports track, field and ample parking space. Here, our innovative meal plan consist of fresh food produced from the university's own award winning farm. Our vegetables, salads and strawberries are sourced from greenhouses tended by our exceptionally intelligent undergraduate students. Our vasity poultry section, dairy unit and slaughterhouse supply the animal protein items. Sit down take a glass of Egerton yourghut, sweeteneed with real honey from bee hives perched in the apiary section of the university's farm. So much to enjoy!

ARC - Hotel

ARC - Hotel

5 mins from the Conference Venue