Conference Committee

Prof. Bockline O. Bebe
AG. Deputy Vice Chancellor
Division of Research and Extension
Phone: +254721853999
Prof. Bockline O. BebeChair - Conference
Prof. Nancy Mungai
Ag. Director (Research & Extension)
Division of Research and Extension
Phone: +254775015388
Prof. Nancy MungaiMember - Conference
Mrs. S.J Kereto
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Mrs. S.J KeretoSecretariat
Prof. Wilkister Nyaora Moturi
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Prof. Wilkister Nyaora MoturiMember - Conference
Prof. Mwangi Ndirangu
Phone: +254722592283
Prof. Mwangi NdiranguMember - Conference
Dr. Disho G Kweya
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Dr. Disho G KweyaMember - Conference
Dr. Jacob Wekesa Masika
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Dr. Jacob Wekesa MasikaMember - Conference
Dr. H.A Wario
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Dr. H.A WarioMember - Conference
Dr. Faith Toroitich
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Dr. Faith ToroitichMember - Conference
Dr. J.O Anyango
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Dr. J.O AnyangoMember - Conference
Dr. Robert Mugo
Phone: +254721807670
Dr. Robert MugoMember - Conference
Mr. P.K Sena
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Mr. P.K SenaMember - Conference
Ms. Susan A. I. E. Mbanda-Obura
Phone: +254722736170
Ms. Susan A. I. E. Mbanda-OburaSecretariat
Mr. Ayub Webundi Muliru
Phone: +254727862297
Mr. Ayub Webundi MuliruSecretariat
Mr. Peter Inziano Kiganda
Phone: +254780113015
Mr. Peter Inziano KigandaSystem Administrator