Conference Committee

Prof. Bockline O. Bebe
Ag. Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Division of Research and Extension
Prof. Bockline O. BebeAg. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Extension)Chair - Conference Committee
Prof. Nancy Mungai
Ag. Director (Research and Extension)
Prof. Nancy MungaiAg. Director (Division of Research & Extension)Programme Coordinator
Leonard Kipruto Chesang
Deputy Registrar
Division of Research and Extension
Leonard Kipruto ChesangDeputy RegistrarSecretariat, euConference
Prof. Wilkister Nyaora Moturi
Prof. Wilkister Nyaora Moturiassociate Professor, Environmental HealthMember - Conference Committee
Prof. Mwangi Ndirangu
Prof. Mwangi NdiranguProfessor, Curriculum and InstructionMember - Conference Committee
Dr. Disho G Kweya
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Dr. Disho G KweyaSenior Lecturer, LiteratureMember - Conference Committee
Dr Joseph O. Anyango
Dr Joseph O. AnyangoLecturer, Food ChemistryMember - Conference Committee
Dr. Robert Mugo
Dr. Robert MugoAssistant Lecturer, Finance and AccountingMember - Conference Committee
Dr. Faith Toroitich
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Dr. Faith ToroitichSenior Lecturer, Biological SciencesMember - Conference Committee
Dr. Jacob Wekesa Masika
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Dr. Jacob Wekesa MasikaSenior Lecturer, Medical PhysiologyMember - Conference Committee
Dr. H.A Wario
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Dr. H.A WarioLecturer, Religious StudiesMember - Conference Committee
Dr. Jesse Thuo
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Dr. Jesse ThuoLecturerMember - Conference Committee
Dr Raphael Wambua
Phone: +2547xx xxx xxx
Dr Raphael WambuaSenior Lecturer, Agricultural EngineeringMember - Conference Committee
Ms. Susan A. I. E. Mbanda-Obura
Phone: +2547xxxxxxxx
Ms. Susan A. I. E. Mbanda-OburaAg. University Press ManagerSecretariat, euConference
Mr. Ayub Webundi Muliro
Phone: +2547xxxxxxxx
Mr. Ayub Webundi MuliroAdministrator, Division of Research & ExtensionSecretariat, euConference