Health, Science and Technology

Health, Science and Technology (29)

Papers preferred under this sub-theme would be those discussing research outputs, innovations or transformative actions on Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Modern Techniques and Tools; Cancer and Other Chronic and Emerging Diseases; Newer Clinical and Surgical Techniques; Modern and Advanced Laboratory Techniques and Diagnostic Tools; Food Nutrition in the Management of Various Diseases; Animal Model Laboratory Disease Research; One Health Issues; Drug Developments; Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Water and Sanitation; Global Pandemics; Health Management and Policy Issues. On Science and Technology, the papers should discuss new knowledge insights and applications from basic and applied sciences, engineering, computing, communication or information technologies that provide solutions to social and economic challenges to society, environment and economy.

Bulk heterojunction (BHJ) device structure is one of the most promising approaches towards high efficiency thin film polymer solar cells (TFPSCs). 

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