Food security

Food security (48)

Papers preferred under this subtheme would be those discussing research outputs, innovations or transformative actions that inform opportunities and challenges in attaining the zero hunger goal targets of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal no. 2. These include Increasing Agricultural Productivity and Incomes, Sustainable Animal and Crop Production Systems; Sustainable Utilization of Genetic Diversity, Safe and Nutritious Foods; Malnutrition Interventions; Food Science and Technology; Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.

We aimed to characterize important external and internal egg quality traits of indigenous chicken and determine whether significant differences exists between ecotypes.

The cotton industry in Kenya is looked right from production to marketing level in details. The background of cotton production and marketing from post-independence to present situation is highlighted.

Stem rust (Puccinia graminis f. sp tritici) is a destructive disease of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) making it a major challenge to wheat production in Kenya as well as other wheat growing countries. Due to this, mutation breeding has been as a source of increasing variability and confers specific improvement to the Kenyan varieties without significantly altering its phenotype.

Vegetables contribute significantly to the Kenyan horticultural Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Vegetable farmers however face various constraints duringproduction and marketing thus affecting their productivity.

Characterization of soils in selected potato growing areas of Molo, Nakuru County in Kenyawas necessitated by the observed decline in potatoes acreage yields over the years despite the use of phosphorus and nitrogenous fertilizers.In this study, levels of some key soil fertility indices were determined

Breeding of goats requires proper selection of breeding bucks through consideration of their breeding soundness.  Selection of breeding bucks is the most critical decision for improvement of a flock, and it largely depends on factors like scrotal circumference and semen quality.

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