Natural Resources & Climate Change

Natural Resources & Climate Change (2)

Papers preferred under this subtheme would be those discussing research outputs, innovations or transformative actions that Enhance Natural Resource-use Efficiency and Conservation to build Resilience; Management of Natural Resources and Tourism; Environmental Sustainability and Green Development; Disasters and Natural Hazards; Natural Resource Use Conflict Management; Climate Change and Variability and Energy Solutions and Innovations in Waste Management.

The effects of climate variability have heavily affected Agro pastoralists in most parts of the Sub-Saharan. This is caused by a combination of factors, which include; widespread poverty, dependence on natural resources, over dependence on rain fed agriculture, conflicts and negligence from the government (Atinkut and Mebrat, 2016). 

Can Pastoral Communities Offer Sustainable Ecological Management Solutions? The case of Mwanda-Marungu Pastoral Commons in Taita Hills, Kenya