Thursday, 22 October 2020 15:15

Effect of Overcrowded Classrooms on Student Behaviour in Schools in Kenya

Written by Pamela Awuor Onyango
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Pamela Awuor Onyango

University Of Nairobi


Kenya has made remarkable improvement in the quest for universal primary education as a way of achieving international target for realizing Education for All (EFA) which has resulted in the increase in student enrolment. However, one of the most common concerns of schools is overcrowding. Several facilities have been overstretched in the primary schools and secondary schools. Primary schools in Bondo Sub county struggle to realize the ambitious rate of transition expected by the Ministry of Education with overstretched facilities. Numerous studies have been undertaken with the aim of establishing the effect of overcrowding on academic achievement. However, not much investigation has been done about the effect of overcrowded classrooms on student behavior. The aim of the current study therefore is to investigate the effect of overcrowded classrooms on student behavior in in primary schools in Bondo Sub county of Kenya. Five primary schools will be purposively sampled for the study. Qualitative data and quantitative data will be collected from head teachers, deputy head teachers, heads of guidance and counseling and pupils from 5 primary schools. Quantitative data will be analyzed using descriptive statistics and correlational analysis while qualitative data will be analyzed using thematic framework. In conclusion, the findings of the study may be useful in the formulation of relevant policies for addressing overcrowding in primary schools and managing student behavior in schools.

Key words: effect, overcrowding, behavior, classrooms, management

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