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The Seed Cotton Industry in Kenya; Production and Marketing Status

Written by Rutto D.K.L1., E.O. Auma1 and L. Ngode1
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Rutto D.K.L1., E.O. Auma1 and L. Ngode1

1Department of Seed, Crop and Horticultural Sciences,

School of Agriculture and Biotechnology,

University of Eldoret, P.O. Box 1125-30100, Eldoret, Kenya

Corresponding Author: ruttodkl@gmail.com


The cotton industry in Kenya is looked right from production to marketing level in details. The background of cotton production and marketing from post-independence to present situation is highlighted. Various systems of cotton production that existed before the collapse of the industry are examined as well as marketing channels and markets. Primary data obtained through field survey using questionnaires and interviews by stratified random sampling method in cotton growing zones. Secondary data from various sources (KALRO, CODA and MoA reports) was looked at, compared and analyzed to come up with strategies for solving the production and marketing problems. The qualitative data analyzed showed farmers have problems of acquiring credit for use in production process of cotton, e.g. plowing, planting, weeding, pest control, harvesting and transportation of seed cotton to the marketing outlets. Various interventions are suggested by putting in place policy and regulatory framework to address the vacuum that has existed after the collapse of cotton board. Other measures include stream lining marketing system to solve price variation and fluctuations. This leads to maximization of the African Growth Opportunity Act initiative by United States government that was extended from 2015 to 2025 to make the local farmers benefit more. It was concluded that there was need to have investments being put in the cotton industry by government, private sector and international community to jump start sector.

Keywords: Cotton industry, Production, Marketing

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