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Exploring the Potential of Soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merill)] Production under Overhead Irrigation in Kerio Valley, Kenya

Written by J.N. Njoroge1*, J. K. B. Kiplagat2 and F. C. Kipkech2
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J.N. Njoroge1*, J. K. B. Kiplagat2 and F. C. Kipkech2

*1Kenya Agricultural & Livestock research organization,

P.O. Private Bag-20107, Njoro, Kenya

2 Kerio Valley Development Authority

P.O Box 2660-30100, Eldoret, Kenya;

*Corresponding Author:; +254720672327

Soybean (Glycine max L. Merrill) has great potential for production under irrigation in various agro-ecological zones in Kenya. The study was designed to identify high yielding soybean genotypes of high quality among released and promising genotypes under overhead irrigation for Kerio Valley of Kenya. The trial was set in a randomized complete block design replicated thrice at Sigor in West Pokot County and Arror in Elgeyo Marakwet County in Kerio Valley, Kenya.  The number of seeds pod-1, pods plant -1, nodes plant -1, plant height, a 100 seed weight and oil content were higher in Arror than Sigor. Variety Kensoy009 had the highest seed size at Arorr and Sigor where it recorded 100seed weight of 22.6g and 19.4 g, respectively. Mean maturity days were fewer at Arror (91days) than Sigor (100 days). The highest yield was recorded at Arror on variety DBSB 8(3222kg ha-1) while the least was recorded on kalrosoy1 (1057kg ha-1).  The mean yield was 2683 and 2515 kg ha-1 for DPSB 8 and DPSB 19, respectively while the mean protein (41.7%, 40.7%) and oil (20.6%, 20.9%) content was observed on DPSB 8 and DPSB 19, respectively. Variety DPSB 8 had the highest protein content (41.7%) while variety SCS1 recorded the highest oil content (26.5%).  Correlation analysis indicated that seed yield was strongly and positively correlated to plant height (r = 0.74), number of pods plant-1(r = 0.78) and nodes plant-1(r=0.71). Strong negative correlation was observed between protein content and oil content (r = -0.87).  Varieties DPSB 8 and DPSB 19, due their high seed yield, protein and oil content are recommended for production in Kerio valley and other regions with similar climatic conditions under overhead irrigation. 


Keywords: Oil, overhead irrigation, protein, soybean, yield

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