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Determinants of Women’s Collective Action in Marketing of Selected Vegetable Value Chains in Buuri-Sub County, Meru County, Kenya

Written by C. K. Wambu
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C. K. Wambu

Corresponding Author:


Collective action through formation of commercial villages is one of the interventions adopted by Meru County government to enable smallholders farmers mitigate the market imperfections and contend with the recent transformations in agri-product markets. Despite this, most of the commercial villages are dysfunctional due to free riding and lack of member commitment regarding participation in the group and its operations. This study therefore, analyzed the determinants of decision to join commercial village, participation and intensity of participation in commercial village activities, in Buuri Sub-County, Meru County. Probit model was applied to analyze the decision to commercial village membership and double hurdle model for participation and intensity of participation in the commercial village activities. The data was collected using a structured questionnaire to interview 138 households who were sampled randomly (110 group members selected proportionately to the group size and 28 nonmembers) from study area. The data was then analyzed through inferential statistics. The probit results indicate that Potatoes, carrots onions and tradition vegetables quantity, gender, farm experience, assets, off-farm income and information access had a positive effect on the probability of joining commercial village. The double hurdle model results revealed that potatoes, carrots onions and tradition vegetables quantity, education level, household size and credit access emerge as key determinants of participation in the commercial village activities. This study recommends inclusivity in decision making in group matters as well as offering incentives such as free inputs and imposing fines to non-compliant members.

Keywords: Determinants, women’s collective action, marketing

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