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Friday, 20 November 2020 06:21

Peacebuilding and Security in Northern Nigeria; A Study of Muslim Women Scholars, 1978-2018

Written by M. Tukur
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M. Tukur

Department of History and Security Studies

Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Nigeria

PhD History Gerda-Henkel Fellow, Makerere University, Uganda

+256708947854, +2348032979055

Corresponding Author:

Northern Nigeria has a long history of been the center of Islamic revivalism since the establishment of the Sokoto Caliphate (1804-1808). The misconception and deception of some of the Muslim religious organizations in the name of Islam have today became a theater of religious conservatism.  This was followed by misinterpretation, misconception and misleading of the general populace through a tactical deception by some misguided religious elements. It is important to note that, Muslim women in Northern Nigeria are significant in any discourse in Africa. This research will explore the hidden role, contribution, and activities of peacebuilding and security in the conflict Northern Nigeria society by Muslim women scholars of Islam. They cut across different Islamic sect and ideology. They greatly impacted and dedicated their lives in building peace across the volatile conflict zones in Northern Nigeria through religious means. They succeeded in peace settlement of hundreds of thousands of matrimonial disputes. They engaged in changing the lives of thousands of women internally displaced persons (IDPs) since the emergence of conflict and violent religious extremism in Northern Nigeria since in the 1970s. an ethnographical use of Qualitative historical methodology will be adopted to unravel and examine how these women aided in establishing a solid peacebuilding and security in Northern Nigeria in DE radicalization of violent religious extremist ideologist, insurgency and counter-insurgency of using women as suicide bombers, women fighters in banditry and kidnappings, matrimonial peacebuilding through their scholarship, and knowledge production.

Keyword: Banditry and kidnapping, matrimonial conflict, peacebuilding and security, violent extremism

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