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Papers preferred under this sub-theme would be those discussing research outputs, innovations or transformative actions on Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Modern Techniques and Tools; Cancer and Other Chronic and Emerging Diseases; Newer Clinical and Surgical Techniques; Modern and Advanced Laboratory Techniques and Diagnostic Tools; Food Nutrition in the Management of Various Diseases; Animal Model Laboratory Disease Research; One Health Issues; Drug Developments; Disease Prevention and Health Promotion; Water and Sanitation; Global Pandemics; Health Management and Policy Issues. On Science and Technology, the papers should discuss new knowledge insights and applications from basic and applied sciences, engineering, computing, communication or information technologies that provide solutions to social and economic challenges to society, environment and economy.

Human African trypanosomiasis is a fatal vector-borne parasitic neglected tropical disease affecting millions of people in poorly developed regions of sub-Saharan Africa. It is caused by two subspecies of protozoan parasites: Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense (Tbr) and T. b. gambiense.

Chókwè Irrigation Scheme (CIS) is the biggest of its kind in Mozambique, supporting the practice of irrigated agriculture in region and contributing to food security and economic growth. The scheme faces seasonality in water flow-flux resulting from the climate variable effects. Sediment particles has accumulated over decades in the canals causing serious problem in the scheme

Several biochemical and metabolic changes are associated with the senescence of cut gladioli particularly carbohydrates. This study aimed to determine the effects of pulsing and wet cold storage on the starch and sugar biomarkers in cut Gladiolus grandiflorus L. cv. Fado vase quality. Pulsing treatments of 600-ppm 8-hydroxyquinoline sulphate plus 5 % sucrose solution versus distilled water were administered prior to wet cold storage durations of 0 – 5 days on the cut Gladiolus cv.

This study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers in separating interspecific hybrids of tea (Camellia sinensis). A total of 20 SSR primers (5 EST-SSR and 15 microsatellite markers) were screened against three genotypes, i.e., 570/2, 688/1, and 83/1 from 2005, 2007, and 1999 trials, respectively.

Multi-drug resistant pathogens are a leading cause of human morbidity and mortality all over the world. This study aimed at isolating actinomycetes from the soils of Menengai crater and characterizing selected actinomycetes using classical and molecular techniques. Actinomycetes were isolated using starch casein (SC), Luria Bertani (M1) and starch nitrate (SN) agar media.

Grasshoppers play strategic roles in the ecosystems of recycling of plant nutrients and acting a first order consumers along the trophic food webs. Therefore, their distribution and diversity within an ecosystem signify richness and evenness.  Despite their usefulness, very little is known about the diversity, the relative abundance as well as the distribution of Caeliferans in Africa and more so, Kenya.

Bacterial wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum is one of the two major potato diseases in Rwanda. An in vitro study was conducted to identify and differentiate the pathogen isolated from three potato cultivars highly susceptible to R. solanacearum in Rwanda namely Kinigi, Kirundo and Gikungu.

A laboratory study was conducted to determine chemical composition of Azadiractin indica   and Ricinus communis seed oils grown in Marigat, Baringo County, Kenya . Seed oils of A. indica and R. communis were   extracted from mature dried seeds by cold pressing and boiling respectively and chemical compositions were determined using Gas Chromatography (GC)-Mass Spectrometry (MS).

This paper reports the removal of fluoride ions in stored drinking water by a container made from chemically modified polyethylene material. To anchor triethylamine within the structure of the polyethylene material and improve its value, the polyethylene was first heated to melting. To the molten material, hot vegetable oil was added slowly with continuous heating followed by a strongly basic hydrogen peroxide solution then activated with triethylamine to produce a water insoluble material.

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On Stability of Similarity Orbits

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The notion of stability plays an important role in dynamical systems. It has been extensively studied in various forms. Various properties of stability have been proved under the underlying spaces.  

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