Guideline for Abstracts

Abstracts should not be more than 300 words in English, typed in Times New Roman, Font 12 with a line spacing of 1.5. A soft copy in MS-Word (2007) should be submitted to and copied to or via the conferences portal Abstracts should outline the aims, content and conclusions and include Key words (5 max), Sub-Theme, Title, Authors' Name, Affiliations, Email Address, and Telephone Number of the Corresponding author. Full papers for accepted abstracts should be submitted by 6th November, 2020. Only authors who submit full papers will be on the presenters' programme.

Guidelines for Full Papers

  • Full papers of 3000-4000 words(5-6 pages)should be prepared inTimes New Roman Font 12 and spacing 1.5.
  • Experimental Papers: These should include a cover page with the Title of the paper, Authors and Affiliation Details, Abstract (max. 300 words), Key words(5max),Introduction, Materials& Methods,Results and Discussion,Conclusion,Acknowledgements andReferences.
  • Theoretical/ Review Papers: These should include a cover page with Title of the Paper, Authors and Affiliation Details, Abstract (max. 300 words), Key words (5 max), Introduction, Literature Review, Theoretical Analysis, Application, Conclusion, Acknowledgements and References.
  • Posters: Height 100 cmbyWidth 70 cmORA2 size and proportionally formatted.
  • Footnotes and References: Footnotes should be kept to a minimum, numbered consecutively and placed together at the bottom of a page. References to publications should be placed in the text in parenthesis (last name, year) and alphabetized at the end of the article in a standard recognized format.
  • Tables and Illustrations: Tables should be numbered in Roman numerals and given specific titles at the top. Tables should not be enclosed in a grid, but be given the top, bottom and subheading borders only. Other illustrations (e.g. figures) should be numbered in Arabic numerals and carry specific titles at the bottom. Tables and figures should be placed in series at the end of the paper, not in the text body. Only tables and figures referred to in the textshould be presented.
  • Submission: Electronic copies of abstract and papers should be submitted to the Research Conference Secretariat at: copied to

Guideline for Posters

Submit in PDF, Powerpoint or Publisher formats. See poster samples here...